Unlock human potential and response-ability at every level

A2B is an in-person and online leadership training and coaching programme that trains and empowers your people with practical tools and techniques and a mindset that improves human volition and independence.

With the A2B Methodology, we can transform organisations and leaders from dependency and stuck-ness to response-ability, volition and resilience thanks to innovative Occupational Intelligence training.

Develop Self

Equip individuals with self-knowledge and skills to take full accountability for their lives and actions.

Empower Teams

Unlock team responsibility and pro-activeness with practical tools that foster trust and a positive culture.

Transform Organisations

Inspire sustainability thinking and continuous development across the organisation.

Transform your team’s “I can’t” moments into “I can” opportunities.


A2B focuses on developing essential skills:

These are the key skills that will help individuals succeed at work and in life:

  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical thinking
  • Resilience
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Productivity & Focus
  • Stress Management
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability

“We are still using the A2B language internally and it definitely has become a way of thinking and working, and a really great tool for expressing ourselves and communicating effectively. Recently, thanks to our practical A2B knowledge, we could address a performance issue and discover that the poor performance was due to underlying fear and anxiety, which we could remedy as a team. This is just one example which really helps internal communication and staff happiness,”

– Tiffiny Humphries, Maharishi Institute

Through the A2B methodology, you’ll gain access to practical principles and techniques designed to enhance your team’s Occupational Intelligence.

Head, Heart and Hand: the A2B Methodology is a holistic solution.

A2B is a progressive methodology that transforms humans by equipping them with unconventional training, techniques and tools. And it works.


We understand that just another “training session” that shares theory without helping individuals and teams embed it in practice will never help people adopt their new knowledge. That is why our training integrates all the components of learning:

  • Head (Knowledge)
  • Heart (Belief)
  • Hands (Practical experience)


Developing response-able people and high-performance teams

Becoming an impactful leader means you need to develop your team holistically and unlock their full potential. By developing your team’s self-awareness and Occupational Intelligence through the A2B methodology you will shift your people from being stuck, dependent and unresponsive to being response-able, proactive and resilient.

Leverage Occupational Intelligence (“brain mechanics”) to transform people, for good.

Hand-holding and micro-managing aren’t getting your team anywhere!
You cannot force people to be responsible and proactive. Great leaders produce great leaders by understanding how people “work” (their brain mechanics) and helping them to unlock their full potential.

Learn how to create an environment and systems that build up your team so that they become confident, self-sufficient employees/participants geared for success (using practical techniques to develop their Occupational Intelligence).

With the A2B methodology you will learn practical principles and techniques to develop your team’s Occupational Intelligence. Result? Transform your team’s “I can’t” moments into “I can” opportunities.

Unlock human potential and response-ability at every level

The programme

There are three modules and each module is run over two days. Training is held at TCB offices or at your organisation and includes facilitators, training resources, tools and online content.

Here’s why the A2B Methodology will work for you:

  • Built on the principles of brain mechanics.
  • Practical tools, techniques and challenges that improve human volition and independence.
  • Applied in all types of team settings including family businesses, corporates and non-profits.

Get ready to:

  • Become a transformative, impactful leader.
  • Improve your team’s productivity, resilience, willpower and volition.
  • Grow your team’s Occupational Intelligence (OI).
  • Become more entrepreneurial.
  • Deal with personal truths and issues.
  • Lower anxiety and fear.
  • Understand the inside mechanics of humans and how people “work”.

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