Caroline Koko Kotlolo

41, Gauteng

“I learned to be a dreamer and then a doer.”

Caroline Koko Kotlolo is a woman who refused to let her circumstances define her future. At the age of 41, living with her parents with one child and no financial means, she felt stuck and without a plan. However, when her cousin told her about TCB, she saw it as an opportunity to change her life.

“TCB taught me to make money, how to manage the money and take care of the business. I am now financially independent, and it feels great as I am independent.” She says.

From Struggling Mother to Successful Business Woman

After graduating from the TCB Resell Programme, Caroline started a mobile spa with the money she had earned while on the programme. Her business did so well that she soon opened a spa at a lodge. Today, she runs both the mobile spa and the spa at the lodge, employing part-time and full-time therapists. She has been financially stable since then and has grown into a successful business woman.

TCB taught Caroline how to make money, manage it, and take care of her business. Through the programme, she learned the skills and tools to become financially independent. She was also able to become a better mother and person, growing mentally and emotionally.

Through the Incubator programme (a programme designed to assist graduates to grow their already running, successful businesses), Caroline learned how to manage her spa, her time, and her staff.

She recalls, “I was constantly tired and did not work well with my team to achieve the successes we wanted. I have learned finance and time management, how to manage my staff and be a leader not just a boss.”

Advice to Others: Consistency, Hard Work, and Sacrifice

Caroline’s success was not overnight, and she advises others who want to run a business to be consistent, work hard, and make sacrifices. “This combination of skills and talents means that you don’t let your eye off the ball” she advises.