Circular economy shared value partnerships

The success of TCB is built on the power of strategic partnerships with all the major players in the retail sector. This unique model demonstrates what can be achieved when the non-profit and private sector collaborates. Our national footprint provides retailers with a simple, no-cost solution for their waste, whilst at the same time helping them to make a difference in the future of South Africa by lifting people out of poverty and building an entrepreneurial culture.

Your deadstock and excess merchandise can help unemployed South Africans start small businesses!

TCB offers retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers a national cost-effective solution to their fashion, retail and e-waste problems. We collect your excess stock from your branch or factory, sort and de-brand it, and then equip local unemployed individuals to buy and sell in their communities. In return, this helps you meet your BBBEE, Enterprise Development and environmental responsibility mandates(such as the ERP–Extended Producer Responsibility).

Collaboration Opportunities

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