Previously known at The Appliance Bank.  Learn a life-long skill. During this holistic 2-year enterprise development programme we work with unemployed men and women who have technical skills to help them become self-employed as appliance repair and resell traders.

You learn how to repair, buy and sell appliances. You learn life skills, business skills and computer skills. You benefit from coaching, mentorship and a support network of like-minded people. You even receive a qualification and – most importantly – become your own boss. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it!

Where do we offer the Repair programme?

At three of our branches: Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban. We select 50 to 100 people annually through our recruitment and shortlisting process.

How does it work?

Who can apply?

To qualify, you must:

Learn a life-long skills.

When you learn a life-long skill such as repairing appliances no one can ever take it away from you. You can become financially and socially independent – run a business anywhere! 

This programme is very practical and experiential, but also includes theoretical and technical training in appliance repair. Participants start their small businesses very soon after joining TCB by trading in their local community. During the 2-year programme traders are exposed to over 1000 hours of practical training and support, covering modules from money management, business skills, computer skills and life skills. We approach the development of each person holistically as we believe that if you are a healthy person, with a healthy mind and a healthy family – you will run a healthy business. We have an extensive support system that includes coaching, mentoring and counselling. 

Siyasanga Zenani

I couldn’t finish my high school because I felt pressure to provide for my family, including my younger sisters. Starting at TCB was a bit scary. But each time I come here, I get more confident. I learn how to fix things. I never miss a class because I want to learn. I see myself as a business owner now I turned into a problem solver for my customers! It’s a great opportunity to be here. It helped me a lot. It built something inside me. I learned how to be independent. How to be business minded. How to build a proper business. I learned how to be independent. How to be business minded. How to build a proper business.