Our impact

Taking Care of Business is a proudly South African nonprofit social enterprise. We are empowering the people raising the next generation so that families to escape the cycle of poverty through small business opportunities. Through our holistic model, we create social- and financial independence, ignite the entrepreneurial spirit, create role models and contribute to the circular economy and responsible corporate citizenship.

14 years of impact in poverty eradication


People recruited into our Enterprise Development training programmes

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Items diverted from landfill

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In profits generated by small businesses

Preschool classrooms 

Children being educated

TCB supports seven of the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals

Measuring our impact and poverty eradication

TCB has a well-developed theory of change. Among other tools, we also measure poverty eradication using the internationally recognised Greenlight Movement Tool. This tool helps us assess objectively whether our programme is having an impact and whether families are escaping poverty. This tool is used by over 100 organisations internationally. Our Greenlight Movement results show that, in TCB programmes, the biggest change in poverty indicators happens in the first year of our programme, and it is sustained over time.

Impact Story : Portia Mtelekiso

“I like to be independent now. Before, I had jobs that did not work out. The training helped me build my confidence and knowledge. Coaching and mentoring help me because I can budget, I do my books and I am taking better care of myself. I could even buy couches for my house. Before TCB, I used crates to make chairs. I did not like visitors because I was ashamed. Now, they can come anytime! I like what I’m doing Now, they can come anytime! I like what I’m doing it’s exciting.”