Support the people who are raising the next generation

You can give with confidence when you invest in TCB. Your contribution ensures that we can keep up the good work, expand our impact, grow more entrepreneurs and eradicate poverty from local families.

What does TCB need right now?


It costs approximately R40 000 per person per year to offer our Resell, Repair and Remake programme. We recoup some of those costs when we sell our retail partner’s donated items, but not enough to fully fund our programmes. Your financial contribution can help more people benefit from our work. 


Our Repair programme needs small and large appliances(fridges, freezers, microwaves, dishwashers, TVs
etc.) which we can use to demo repair skills and allow participants to practice on real equipment.
Our Remake programme needs sewing machines, overlockers and any equipment used in the CMT and sewing industry

Retail partners

Retailers and manufacturers, we need your excess product, customer returns, end-of-season and other merchandise so that we can turn them into small business opportunities. 

In good company

Our current funders are as dedicated to lasting impact as we are. Thank you for your generosity and your confidence.