Practical skills training workshops that can transform your people and organisation – for good!
Want to develop your team or your community? We offer life-changing training workshops in leadership, finance, business, computer and life skills to corporate and non-profit organisations nationwide. Courses are offered in person at our office or yours and some courses are available online. We have a team of trained professional facilitators who are available to train countrywide.

These workshops are for you if:

(These workshops are not available to individuals directly)

A2B Methodology

Transform your team’s “I can’t” moments into “I can” opportunities. A2B is a progressive methodology that unlocks human potential through unconventional training, tools, techniques and challenges based on the principles of Occupational Intelligence. Learn how to become a transformative, impactful leader and improve team productivity, resilience and volition.

Me and My Money

Start the journey to financial freedom. This workshop creates a safe and transformative environment where participants explore their relationship with money, learn key skills to become debt-free, start saving, and develop their life map for financial freedom.
This course is suitable for group bookings of entry level employees, unemployed and self-employed participants.

Computer Literacy Course

Computer and digital literacy skills are critical to master if you want to access opportunities. TCB has developed a practical computer literacy course that includes an introduction to computers, MS Office skills, email and the internet.
The course is trained over 15 workshops and is ideal for entry level office staff, youth or community members who need digital literacy skills.

Business Skills

Our Business Skills workshops are perfect for anyone running an informal business and who is self-employed, or who needs to sharpen their business skills. Gain confidence in the world of business and turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality when learning about selling skills, swot analysis, business ethics, marketing, selling, stock and more.

Financial Skills

Our Finance Skills workshops are perfect for anyone running an informal business and who is self-employed or learners who plan to be successful entrepreneurs.
During these workshops, participants will learn how self-employed individuals must carefully manage and record money coming in and going out to ensure sustainability. Not only do these workshops cover recordkeeping and budgeting but it also covers stock management, costing and pricing.

Life Skills

Our Life Skills workshops are for everyone. It includes training on all the essential skills needed for personal mastery. From how to be organised, self-mastery, handling stress and trauma to parenting skills and wellbeing – these workshops cover it all.
Your team will leave feeling confident in their ability to take charge of their own lives.