Me and My Money – My Journey to Financial Freedom

Me and My Money – My Journey to Financial Freedom is a full-day training and coaching programme that empowers people with the mindset, skills and habits needed to start their journey to financial freedom.

Take control of your financial destiny.

Too much debt and too little savings.

Many South Africans are over-indebted. Irresponsible moneylenders and a poor savings culture is harming individuals, families and businesses. No school ever taught us how to budget, work smart with our money, save for the future and avoid debts… We need practical, relevant and doable financial management skills!

Me and My Money – My Journey to Financial Freedom can help you, your employees, interns, beneficiaries and programme participants get out of debt and start saving.

Don’t let a lack of money skills keep you from achieving financial independence.

Take personal accountability

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to take full accountability for your money matters.

Reset your relationship with money

Develop a clear, positive and proactive mindset to money. Unburden yourself from self-sabotaging money habits.

Develop practical money habits

Implement your new-found knowledge with practical and doable activities that keep you in control of your budget, debts and savings.

Me and My Money focuses on developing essential money skills.

We know how poor money management can affect self-employed and salaried individuals. Debt can infiltrate their home and work environments, causing anxiety and pushing people to make bad decisions (loans, salary advances, or quitting a job just to access a pension).

We’ve trained thousands of people to get out of debt, start saving, and regain control of their money.

“Me and My Money has permanently changed my attitude and behaviour towards money. It’s incredible how the mind shift just happened and stuck with me! In the first month after the training, I already started saving R500 a month, and I haven’t stopped yet!”

Head, Heart and Hand: the Me and My Money training programme is a holistic solution.


We understand that just another “training session” that shares theory without helping individuals embed it in practice will never help people adopt their new knowledge. That is why our training integrates all the components of learning:

  1. Head (Knowledge)
  2. Heart (Belief)
  3. Hands (Practical experience)

We see remarkable debt reductions and savings increases as people learn to take responsibility for their finances.

“I am never borrowing money again! I know what my budget is now and how to stick to it. My eyes are open. No more excuses!”

Start your journey to financial independence  

The programme

This programme is a full-day training module run at the TCB offices, your training facility, or your office. Training includes facilitators, training resources, tools and online content. We cover the practical (head) and emotional (heart) connection to managing an individual’s finances.

Where? Our in-person training is available in Gauteng, Cape Town, Paarl, Durban and East London. We also have online training options.

The programme covers:

  • My feelings towards money and my money roots
  • Budgeting, our financial mirror
  • Trapped by credit and let’s really understand interest
  • My rights as a consumer
  • Getting out of debt
  • It’s time to start saving
  • A brief look at insurance

The Me and My Money training programme will effectively educate your staff on money management and change their relationship with money.

The End Result. By the end of this workshop:

  • Participants are able to reflect on their current financial situation.
  • Participants take accountability and responsibility for their current financial circumstances.
  • Participants have an increased awareness of their own financial behavior.
  • Participants understand the poverty mindset and learn skills to shift this mindset to an abundance mindset.
  • Participants have a clear understanding of what it takes to be financially free.
  • Participants take action and change their behaviours and relationship with money.

Group bookings:

Contact Nicky Edwards to get the full workshop overview and quote

Individual bookings:

We will announce upcoming dates should we host any public workshops. 

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