Lebese Calfonia Sebela

47, Tembisa

“Two months brought about a change that would have taken me a year to achieve”

Lebese Calfonia Sebela, a 47-year-old father of two, was struggling to make ends meet. He lost his job due to Covid and was unable to find stable employment. He found himself in dangerous situations when trying to find honest work. Lebese felt helpless as he was unable to pay his rent or provide for his family, including his mother who he used to support financially.

Lebese’s life took a turn for the better when he met an old friend, Olga, who was selling new clothing from TCB. He started working for her and was inspired to apply for the TCB programme himself. After passing his technical exam, he started shopping.

Finding Hope with TCB

At TCB, Lebese learned how to run a business effectively, including customer service, and how to fix appliances. He gained valuable experience and within 2 months he was able to afford his own tables covered in table cloths and a shade.

Today, Lebese has expanded his business. He now hires 2 helpers and sells online as well to avoid losing out due to bad weather. He can now afford to pay his rent on time, support his children, and help his mother.

“My dream is always to be a business man and to never work for somebody again. By running my own business, I know that how much money I make depends on me.”

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Work hard and never give up

Lebese’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to work hard, never give up, and attend all classes. He emphasizes the importance of seeing value in everything and not limiting yourself to specific products or services.