Molelekeng Ennie Bohlolo

46, Olifantsfontein

“I am mentally renewed as a person through TCB’s counselling and coaching.”

Molelekeng is a single mother to three children. She was responsible for taking care of her entire family, including her mother, and always fell short of money. This caused a lot of stress and eventually landed her in the hospital.

Selling Avroy Shlain products next to a woman who was part of the TCB programme, changed Molelekeng’s life. Having an existing job meant that she didn’t qualify for the programme and was initially rejected. However, after being retrenched due to COVID-19, she decided to attend TCB’s Open Day again, and this time, was accepted to the Resell programme. She started buying on 1 June.

Learning and Growing with TCB

Through TCB, Molelekeng learned about finance, record-keeping, and life skills, which helped her improve her relationship with her children. She also received counseling and coaching that enabled her to face challenges with a positive mindset.

She emphasises, “I’ve also learnt that if you listen to people being negative and if you allow people to project their fears onto you, you won’t succeed. My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be.”

Since joining the TCB Resell Programme, Molelekeng’s life has changed drastically. She now runs two shops and employs two people. She can pay for her family’s needs and pay her bills without worry. She can even afford insurance policies and education policies, something she never thought would be possible. Her community trusts and believes in her, and she can help others feel good by selling them quality clothes at a reasonable price.

Advice to Others: Consistency, Respect and Humility

Molelekeng’s dream is to have a shop in each of the three malls in Tembisa. If you’re looking to run a business, Molelekeng advises that you be consistent, respect everyone, and have humility.

“Don’t care what people think. Get out of your comfort zone – that’s how you grow!”

Bradley Freeman

Bradley Freeman, a TCB Repair Graduate, overcame drug addiction and is now self-employed, running an appliance repair and sales business. He has eradicated poverty from his life and is financially and socially independent. Most importantly, he has dignity. Now, he is paying it forward.

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