Nombulelo Magunya

The Clothing Bank beneficiary and graduate.
Currently a TCB ambassador. Lives in Langa, Cape Town

My name is Nombulelo Magunya. I’m from Umtata,  but I moved to Cape Town in 2004.

Currently, I am staying in Langa.

I have 2 kids: my girl is 16 yrs old now and my boy is 13. I also have one parent, my mother, and two older sisters.

For me to think back before I join TCB (The Clothing Bank) it makes my heart break.

I was suffering like nobody’s business. I stay with my 2 kids and I didn’t have a cent in my life. We were really struggling badly.

I still remember the day I visited TCB for an interview for the opportunity to join the programme: I was wearing a size 7 tekkie because that was the only shoes I could get. My feet wear size 4 but because of the situation I was in, I bought these tekkies from a street child for R30, so that I can wear shoes.

In those days, before TCB, we used to share half a brown bread with my kids, and we went to sleep very early because I didn’t have electricity for light. Rather than using lights, I would keep my 2 units of electricity till the next morning so that I can boil 1 kettle of water. Then, we share it to bath because my children must go to school. Sometimes, my mother would send us food money from the Eastern Cape. I would spend the money too fast and –  I didn’t know how to budget at all! We had no savings. No planning. No budgeting.

Now I’m so proud of TCB and myself.

Eversince I start there (in 2018), my life has been changing. By the grace of God when my 2 years at the TCB programme finished I was invited to become a TCB ambassador for another  2 years! Every body at home now respects me. I make sure each and every week I save R2000 in my other bank account, because I now have a budget, and I have goals for myself. I am dept free!

Currently I have a stand in Grand parade in Cape Town. I only sell on cash – no credit or loans! Linnen and clothing – that’s what I sell the most.

I don’t know how I can thank Tracey and Tracey in that place. And I want to thank Celeste, the business coach, because that woman taught me how to use money, save, and take control of my business and my personal finances.

My advice to others? 

What is most important in business is that you don’t overspend. You must have a diary to keep your records. Never buy unnecessary stuff. You must have a separate bank account to save in. When you make sales, make sure that you put money in your bank account to save and use some to buy more stock the next day.

I used to sell 3 to 4 items at my stand but today 18 March 2022 my stand look like this: lots of homeware is being sold this week. I also sell clothing.