Besley Malumane

37, Johannesburg, Sharing my experiences so that others can find themselves, like I did

Before Besley joined TCB, she had big dreams and tried many things, but gave up easily. She says her life was more like a nightmare.  She was living from hand to mouth and her self confidence was very low.

Besley is a survivor.  He husband died 6 months after she joined TCB, resulting in her being kicked out of her family home.  She became very depressed but she asked for help which she got through coaching and counseling at TCB and from her fellow TCB women.

She has a strong Christian faith and this pulled her through.  Despite all her setbacks, Besley has always been a top performer.  She found a new home, learnt to drive – says she is a “perfect driver”- and bought a car.  Her children attend private schools and she is a very proud Mom.  She is renting a house and pays the rent herself and has built a 5 roomed home in Polokwane.

She has a shop in a township and continues to trade.  Besley feels that she married too young and made mistakes that she would like other young women to avoid, so she holds regular mentoring sessions for young women in her community. Every three months she hires a hall, cooks to feed the young women attending and uses her coaching skills to impart important life skills.

She is planning on writing a book to share her story.

Her message to other women – You are very strong, put yourself first, fear no more, be proud of what you do and speak up and share your story –it might save a soul. Surround yourself with positive, hardworking women.