Kanyisa Mtshemla

39, Khayelitsha, I am a businesswoman.

I did a sewing course when I was young, and then I got a job at TFG and made clothes for seven years. In 2019 I resigned because I wanted to own my own business.

I joined TCB and started buying an selling clothing. I graduated in 2021 with all the skills I learned from TCB – how to manage a business and be my boss.

But there was something in me that still wanted to sew. When TradeUp started, I wanted to join because I have sewing and business skills. This was the place for me!

Everything has changed in my life since I started here. With coaching and mentoring, I learned so much about myself. Before, I was running my business without knowing what it took.

I see other people struggling, and I help them: How to cut with and without a pattern. I show them how to do it at home – I like to share my knowledge.

Next, I have big plans for my business: I found my own workshop space – I am preparing to run my own business from there. I have machines (an overlocker, plain machines and cover seam). I am still busy preparing my business space, and I plan to open my business in August 2022.

My business will focus on making tracksuits, dresses, kids’ clothing and traditional wear.

I will employ other people to help me.