Koena Mabitsela

35, Tembisa

“The biggest thing I learned was how to change my mindset.”

Koena Mabitsela, a father of two boys, is a successful entrepreneur who restores and sells electrical equipment. But his journey to entrepreneurship was not an easy one.

The Power of Mindset in Entrepreneurship

Koena finished his matric and studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Johannesburg. He started his corporate life with a lot of ambition but always wanted to be a business owner. He attended community programmes and workshops to get ideas, but he struggled to find the right opportunity. He then joined the Repair programme in 2016 and during his time, he realised that he was not in the right state of mind to be a good entrepreneur.

He adds, “TCB gave me the exposure to learn and mentors to guide and move me to a better state of mind. Before, I could not see opportunities. My mind was blocked, I did not have hope. I now see opportunities everywhere and know how to assess them.”

From Struggling to Stable

Koena gained the confidence he needed to face any challenge, to present himself and his business in a pitch, and to defend his decisions, business, and actions because he knows he is working with a strategic plan for the future. He now has two shops and an online store, and his business is far more stable and formalised. He no longer lives in fear when there is no work or financial security.

“The Incubator and coach have been there every step of the way to provide guidance and helped me to make decisions that is right for me and my business.”

Having a heart for people, he structured his supply model in such a way that people who struggle could sell products to him that his business could resell. But during the Incubator Programme (a TCB Programme designed to assist graduates to grow their already running, successful businesses) he saw that his model was putting a strain on his relationships and his business. After a coaching session, he made some changes.

A Dream for the Future

As an entrepreneur, he wants to be involved in many projects and run successful businesses that he can grow and sell. He also has an opportunity to venture into the supply of corporate products, and with the skills he learned at TCB, he is confident that he will make a success out of it.

Koena’s Advice: A business is not a bed of roses

“A business is never stable” he says, “you need a backbone to withstand the trials”. He notes that business owners need to have courage and hope and most importantly they need to trust themselves and their ability.

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