Lerato Ndluli, 40

Johannesburg, I want to share my story to inspire people so that they can see how much their lives can change

Lerato’s life before TCB was very difficult. As the first born of 5 children, when both her parents passed away, she had to take on the responsibility. Living on child support grants, often not having enough money for food, was a daunting life.

The most important thing she learnt at TCB was to save money, to manage her business and personal money separately, and not to incur debt but to live within her means. Today she is debt free!

While at TCB she started her own décor business.  She bought tableware at TCB and started with 40 chairs and 2 tables.  She now has 300 chairs, 15 tables and a large tent and has bought a professional camera to use for event photography.  Since graduating, she has bought 3 second-hand cars for cash as well as a plot in Mpumulanga on which she is building a 7 roomed house.

She is very involved in her community in Soweto and strives to give back wherever she can.  She organizes trips for senior citizens and also organizes events for them on special days, like Mandela Day.  She also works with a home-based care organization where she volunteers and assists with the elderly, cooking for them, doing their washing and taking them to the clinic. She also sponsors four orphans who live next door to her, assisting them with school uniforms and stationery.

Her goal is to be a strong role model for other women like her.

Her advice to other women is ‘”You have to wake up. Don’t sleep. Look for information, work hard, have lots of patience and respect yourself and other people’’.