Lydia Seanego

40, Tembisa

“I was able to have my dream wedding at the end of 2022 with money that I saved.”

Lydia Seanego is a woman who has overcome adversity and achieved success through hard work and perseverance. Before joining TCB, she was struggling to make ends meet, working for low wages and unable to find a job that allowed her to spend time with her family. However, after joining TCB, she learned valuable business and life lessons that helped her build her own successful school uniform business.

From Jobless to Business Owner

Through the TCB Resell Programme, Lydia discovered her passion for selling, and with that newfound confidence, she ventured into the school uniform business. She started by selling T-shirts for grade 7 students and later received her first big order of 118 T-shirts, which paved the way for her success.

Lydia credits TCB with more than just business knowledge. She says the program helped her become more self-confident and taught her how to overcome fear, which she believes was key to her success.

“My mentors and coaches made me realise that I will not go anywhere if fear is part of my life. I stopped thinking about “what if” and just started to do it.”

Lydia also learned that running a business takes patience, vision, and goals, and that having a passion for what you do is vital. Her participation in the Incubator Programme (a once-off TCB Programme designed to assist graduates to grow their already running, successful businesses) had a significant impact on her business. The program taught her strategies to help her succeed in a competitive market, enabling her to grow her business.

“My coach is like a mother looking out for her kids. She brings us back in line to focus on business when life gets in the way”, says Lydia, when explaining how valuable her coaching sessions were.

The Future Looks Bright for Lydia

She plans to open a school outfitters store that will be centrally located for all the schools she serves. Her goal is to create jobs and be part of the solution to the country’s unemployment problem. She believes that her success is not just about money, but the legacy she wants to leave behind.

Advice to Others: Patience, Vision and Passion

Lydia’s story is an inspiring reminder that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. Her journey is proof that with the right opportunity, hard work, and determination, anyone can turn their life around. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to have patience, vision, and goals, and most importantly, to have a passion for what you do.