Nomhlobo Yantolo

I started at TCB in 2020. The year was full of financial difficulties for me and my family.

I was not working and I have a child that needs medical attention (she’s a disabled child with lots of challenges). At that time my sister lost her job too due to Covid so it was hard starting the program at that time with lots of baggage.

TCB taught me how to respond when life challenges me. I learn bookkeeping, selling and a business mindset. I learn to step out of my comfort zone.

Now I know that whatever life gives me, “Never give up. Dress up, show up and respond to life’s challenges”. I always think of those words when I feel tired.

My life has never been the same ever since I started at TCB. Now I’m able to provide for my family and my sister and her kids.

The journey has not ended yet. I’m in year 2 at TCB. I’m so excited and looking forward to learning more. I’m grateful.