Phathiswa Daweti

36, Stellenbosch, Hi my name is Phathiswa Daweti from Stellenbosch.

I am an Enterprise Development beneficiary of TCB and about to graduate from the 2-year programme in July 2022.

Before I join TCB I was struggling financially and dependent on my abusive boyfriend because I was financially needy, but TCB developed my personal growth in all areas of my life and made me the woman that I am today! I am a good mom to two lovely, beautiful girls. Now I am able to provide for my whole family. I am the best big sister to my siblings. I don’t have an abusive person in my life any more.

Before TCB I had no self-confidence. Here, I gained skills like confidence, computer skills, and communication skills, improving in my English (which was so poor I was even scared to speak in front of people!).

This organisation created hope for me.  I learned to be independent. Through TCB I find my weaknesses as my strong points – I ended up being a small group leader. I found my passion of being a businesswoman who now provides for her kids without the need for a man. I must say I am so proud of myself for showing a willingness to learn from other women in TCB and listening to my couch Najma and my Mentor Caroline. I recently even renovated my home because now I am mentally and physically healthy through the counselling sessions that TCB provides.

I really appreciate everything that was implemented towards my success by TCB. Yes, there are still challenges but now am equipped to overcome them because I have community.