Portia Mtelekiso, 43

Mother of two, Lives in Paarl

I’m 43, with two kids. I like to be independent. I had two jobs before that didn’t work out. Then Penny told the women in my community about TCB, fortunately I was among them.

When I got there I had doubts because of the appearance of the people. They were amazing and friendly. I compared myself to them, my shoes were not right and I felt ashamed. The ladies were always smiling and hugging us, I was not used to that. They noticed and showed me love.

The training helped me a lot to build my confidence. I can talk now and I feel like I was in the dark but now I see the light. Coaching helps me a lot because I can share everything with my facilitator and my group. I always worried about my family, forgetting about myself. Now I can take time to look after myself in the mirror. Mentoring helps me because I can budget and do my books.

The good news is that I bought myself a cupboard and couches. Before TCB, I used crates to make chairs. I did not like visitors because I was ashamed of my chairs but now I’m comfortable. They can come anytime. I like what I’m doing. I can also work a computer and do my work – it’s exciting. I never thought that I can work a computer in my entire life.