Siyasanga Zenani

24 years old, Khayelista, I used to live with my parents and my three younger siblings. I am the first born.

 joined TAB in 2021 – that’s when I started.

I didn’t pass my matric in high school, but I wanted to. So I went to rewrite my matric, but I didn’t get the results. I tried again. I went to an organisation that helps you study and get your matric but couldn’t afford to finish my matric and also provide for my parents. I needed to earn money – not study. My parent were not working at that time, and I felt pressure to provide for my family, including my younger sisters. My only work experience was selling for my father at his stand, where he was selling appliances before.

My father told me about The Appliance Bank. I applied because I knew a little bit about selling, but I didn’t know about the detail of how to manage a business.

Starting at TAB was a bit scary. But each time I come here, I get more confident. I learn how to fix things. I always come to class – I never miss a class because I want to learn. I learned how to fix a kettle and an iron first. I sell those the most! They are the most popular with my customers.

I am learning how to fix microwaves, stoves, fridges and other big appliances next. I am still learning.

I see myself as a business owner because I can fix and sell. If someone needs any appliance – they come to me. I am a problem solver for my customers!

What’s difficult is that I live on my own, and I still have to provide for my young sisters – that’s the most difficult. What I do, I do for them so that they can have a better future. I always think of them. They are still at school, and I want them to have a good future. My mother and father are very supportive. They sell at my stand when I am at TAB for training.

My advice to others? You need to work for your money. Never borrow. A loan is a bad idea. If you need money, work for it. Solve your customer’s problem. The money will come.

It’s a great opportunity to be here. It helped me a lot. It built something inside me. I learned how to be independent. How to be business minded. How to build a proper business.